Healing, Responding to Physiotherapy for SP Balasubramanian: MGM

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 Leading playback singer SP Balasubramanian,who is undergoing treatment at the hospital with Kovid-19, is recovering, MGM hospital sources said

Chennai: Leading playback singer SP Balasubramanian, who is undergoing treatment at the hospital with Kovid-19, is recovering, MGM hospital sources said. An announcement to this effect was made on Monday. ‘Balasubramanian is fully conscious .. responding to medical treatment. They are also actively involved in physiotherapy, ‘hospital sources said. It is learned that SP Balu was admitted to the MGM Hospital in Chennai on the 5th of this month due to Corona infection. At first, his health was good but in the middle, he was a little upset. He was placed on a ventilator and treated. However, he said that he has been recovering for the last few days and is remembering people. Balasubramanian’s son SP Charan is constantly providing information about his health.

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