6 common mistakes to avoid in NEET 2020 preparations:

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1). Neglecting NCERT books – 6 common mistakes during preparation of NEET UG

All the experts and previous years toppers across the nation always advice future NEET aspirants to focus on NCERT books for best preparations. When asked about the best books for NEET to be considered during his preparations, Bhavik Bansal, NEET 2019 AIR 2 shared that, “Medical aspirants must consider NCERT as their Bhagavad Gita for NEET preparations.” After completing the preparations, it becomes an absolute necessity for revision of NEET syllabus through NCERT for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

2). Procrastination of timetable – six mistakes to avoid in NEET preparations

In an interview with a female NEET aspirant from Begumpet (name cannot be revealed), she revealed her biggest stress in the lockdown period is the lack of sincerity. This has not been one case in the nation, many candidates make a timetable but do not follow it rigorously. Even during this lockdown period, when all the coaching classes are closed, students miss the studious environment which keeps them focused and in discipline.

3). Ignorance for hard topics – Few common mistakes to avoid during NEET 2020 preparations

The lockdown period is the best time for candidates to prepare for NEET difficult topics, which were untouched. However, career counsellor cum psychologist based in Delhi suggests that test takers must keep a balance between NEET preparation for stronger and weaker sections. He says that while making a timetable, if someone wishes to dedicate more than 5 hours for weaker sections, then at least 2 hours of study should be given to strong areas as well, so that he/she remembers it.

4). Revision using notes – Common mistakes on how to prepare for NEET 2020

Subject experts from leading coaching institutes like Allen Kota, Resonance, Aakash Institute, Career Point among others suggests candidates to prepare notes for last minute NEET preparations. Even some of the centres provide special notes to candidates for better understanding and preparations, which they can use as last minute tips. In these days, where candidates are focusing on the revision notes will help them to understand the concept with just one sentence instead of reading the complete syllabus.

5). Forgetting negative marking – Some common mistakes during NEET preparations

4 marks will be awarded for every correct response, and 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect answer. Most of the students keep NEET negative marking in mind, while preparing. Since, these are the days, when aspirants would be preparing hard to crack NEET UG test. While taking the test, some students follow the proper exam pattern including duration, timings, and others.
However, during NEET preparations, the most important mistake one must avoid is not considering the negative marking. In a hurry of answering all the questions within the particular time limit students forget about the negative marking concept and this reduces the chances of scoring better marks in NEET exam. Whenever such a situation arises, it becomes important for candidates to stay calm and try to focus on the situation rather than providing unnecessary attention to the problem. This will happen due to practice, as it is well said by Aristotle, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

6). Don’t be over/under confident – Most common mistakes during NEET preparations

In the list of 6 common mistakes to avoid in NEET 2020 preparations, this is one of the most commonly experienced mistakes every student makes. As per the psychologist, excess of everything is bad, even if it is NEET preparations. Preparations more than the capability leads to overconfidence, while no study during preparation of NEET UG occurs underconfidence in one’s mind.
These are the six most common mistakes which must be avoided for better and smooth NEET preparation 2020. Hopefully, this will help candidates and their parents/guardians with better understanding.

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